Close contact with our guest is what makes us stand out. We want to keep this contact because without it our House would not be the same.
We have adapted ourselves and our space to new procedures so that your experience is not harmed.

After all, we are still a small hotel ... not a hospital.

- Arrival at the hotel - Check in -
  • You won't be able to see our smile, but we guarantee it will exist! :)
  • You should enter the hotel with your own mask and disinfect your hands in the dispenser that we have at your disposal. We have masks, gels and gloves for purchase at the reception if necessary
  • You will be asked to identify all guests
  • All the information you need for your stay will be available during check-in and will also be available for consultation through QR Codes
  • If you stay with us for more than 1 night, please let us know if you would like cleaning during your stay

- During your stay - preventive measures -
  • We appreciate your cooperation in using a mask whenever you circulate and stay in common areas (including the breakfast room)
  • We have alcohol gel dispensers in all areas of the hotel, so we ask that you use it whenever necessary
  • Elevators should not be used simultaneously by people who do not belong to the same group / family
  • Non-essential objects were removed from the rooms
  • We intensified the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and objects of frequent contact

- What happens if you have Covid-19 (suspected or confirmed) during your stay? -
  • We will implement and put into practice the measures foreseen by the Directorate General of Health and that are included in our Contingency Plan.
  • If, due to illness, your stay in our hotel has to be extended, the client will have to pay the cost of additional nights and any changes to future reservations for the room in question.

- Breakfast -
  • You must inform at check-in or until 6pm what type of breakfast you want:
  • In the Room: in shifts, with pre-booked hours
  • Boxed: delivered to the living room or bedroom at the desired time This breakfast consists of: 1 bread, 1 croissant, mini jam, butter, cheese and ham, 1 slice of cake, 1 juice, 1 piece of fruit. No extra charge (1 box per person)
  • Served in the Room: you must complete the form with the desired options and schedule. It has an additional cost of 15 €

- Pool -
  • The number of sun loungers has been reduced in view of the social distance. You should contact the reception to confirm availability, disinfect feet and hands when accessing the space. 
  • The use of a swimming cap is mandatory during this phase

- Kids Area - Pool Table -
  • You will need to request access to this space. It will be disinfected with each use

- Living Room - Honesty Bar -
  • Staying in this space is limited to capacity, in order to guarantee the necessary distance and disinfection between uses

- Check-out -
  • We appreciate your cooperation in leaving your room's windows open when you leave
  • The room card must be left in the box at the reception for this purpose
  • The invoice for your stay will be sent by email. It will be delivered on paper if you wish
  • The TPA terminal for payments will be disinfected with each use

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