Casa do Outeiro was built in 1980 and is located in one of the most central and quiet areas of Batalha. After 1984, the idea of renting out 2 of the House bedrooms to tourists emerged, considering that the demand and interest on this 600-years-old historical village was increasing and at the same time, that the lodging supply was practically inexistent.

At the time, we, the owners, Odete and Victor, combined our professions (city hall worker and pharmacist), with being hosts, which included housekeeping of all rooms.The social contacts with different people and mentalities were very rewarding, and that led us to build 4 more rooms in 1992 and amplify to a total of 8 in 1996. By this time we had the help of our daughters Cristiana and Marta, with 18 and 16 years old at the time, as well as the help from an employee. Together, we provided customer service, cleaning and breakfast service.
The constant compliments towards our welcoming reception service, breakfast and quality of the facilities, from guests themselves and from foreign guidebook editions, led us to a more substantial transformation in 2003, the greatest of all.

Today we have a welcoming hotel with 15 rooms and a structure with different dimensions.Currently retired, we are able to give greater support on the smooth operation of the hotel.

I, Victor, support the reception and overall management, provide customer service, take care of all indoor and outdoor space and, when requested, I follow our customers in hiking trails.

I, Odete, am responsible for the decoration and of course, I have my name throughout the hotel since I am the author of the paintings that can be seen in most areas and rooms. I also make the jams Tia Odete, marmalades and homemade cakes served at breakfast, as well as homemade liqueurs that are served as a welcome drink to all our customers. The jams brand Tia Odete is already traded in our shop and also in some mini markets in the village.

As for our daughters, the acquired taste in contact with tourists led them to pursue this area. Cristiana followed her tourism related life in the Algarve for over 20 years, where she studied. She recently returned to Batalha and she is now working alongside us.

Marta, after some years working in other businesses related to tourism, decided to work with us, managing the hotel and providing customer service.

To help us we have Silvia and Maria working in the reception. They will welcome you as well as we do. We also have the lovely ladies Fernanda and Lurdes that will take care of your breakfast and keep all rooms and spaces well maintained.

This is the story that distinguishes us from many other hotels.

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RNET 110
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