It all started when Odete found the taste for painting. The idea of decorating the whole hotel and respective rooms with her paintings came in 2003, when the hotel received an expansion.

After that, the production of homemade jams for consumption in the hotel started, and later, we started to sell.

The concern to economize decorating rooms and the common areas got together with the taste for art, and she did them all herself, instead of purchasing them already done.

This concern and this taste gained strength when the last remodelling/expansion happened and we wanted to have a unique hotel with a very own style.

More frames were painted, a lot of furniture was recycled and painted and a lot of lamps were made manually. A lot of art with fabrics and various types of material too, which used for decoration become unique pieces.

This necessity to decored, allied to the taste for craftwork, originated what a lot of clients call us… an arts hotel, a gallery of handicraft.

As the ideas and the will to create are always present, we like to update the decoration of the spaces with pieces and products that we create. Our customers have been wanting to buy some of the products, and so we have created our Arts & Crafts store where many of the products on display are produced by Odete and some people who help.

From a perspective to spread manual and craft work, we have a partnership with a Batalha arts association that sells also its manual creations, as well as other products that we publicize (dishes, soap, jewelry, etc.), having all of them in common the fact that they are made manually.

And because we want the customer to experience a bit of what can be done manually, we organize in partnership with the association Arte Sen Fim, workshops of varied themes, open to the general public and available of course, for our guests. This and other initiatives will enable our guests to take home their own artwork!

Casa do Outeiro, Arts & Crafts Hotel, because we want to share with you the taste for handicrafts.

Copyright © HOTEL CASA DO OUTEIRO 2017
Copyright © HOTEL CASA DO OUTEIRO 2017
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