There are many well known beaches in the area that you can visit all within 50 Km. Along the Atlantic road it is possible to access various beaches from the Norte Beach in Nazaré, to Vieira beach near Leiria. This same road included a bicycle section and weather you are travelling by car, motorbike, bicycle, roller skates or simply just walking, it provides a great journey along the coast.

Paredes de Vitória Beach: 24 km
Paredes de Vitória Beach presents an immense sandy area, embraced by two slopes filled with acácias. In the centre of the beach is located the small settlement. With pleasant esplanades, restaurants, children's park and toilets. On the Southern slope, quite reduced in the top, once existed a mine that named the area and the beach. On the northern area, the sandy area is limited by the Castle, a big rock where the wind and the ocean formed a lion that rests facing the wide Atlantic Ocean. On the top of both slopes are good conditions for the practice of paragliding. Photos

Polvoeira Beach: 24 km
Along de amazing Atlantic Coast, the Polvoeira Beach shows off the beauty of this landscape. This is a beach that is mainly on its wild condition, as it is very well preserved. The landscape is of great beauty, with a rocky area perfect for walking and relaxing. The Polvoeira Beach is usually quite frequented by sport fishermen. There is also a cycle road parallel to the beach, perfect for nature and sport lovers. The beach also has a good parking lot, although does not possesses many amenities. The Polvoeira Beach presents the perfect combination of country side and ocean. Photos

São Pedro de Moel Beach: 26 km

Velha Beach - S. Pedro de Moel

Concha Beach - S. Pedro de Moel
Concha is a small and welcoming beach, with a form that named the beach: a Shell (concha) form. The beach is sheltered by the small cliffs that surround it, forming a beautiful bay. There are several wooden passageways into the beach that also provide a great panorama on the higher parts. Photos

Água de Madeiros Beach: 28 km
Água de Madeiros is a beach with an extensive sandy area that goes until São Pedro de Moel. On the northern area is a beach area that does not have any lifeguard, yet it is sheltered from the strong winds. In this northern area of the beach It is possible to have some horse rides. This beach is usually looked for by sport fishermen.

Facilities: car parking, toilets, restaurant, good accessibility. Photos

Nazaré Beach: 29 km
Nazaré Beach has an immense sandy area, where one can find several visitors and local fishermen. Beyond the opportunity to watch live the fishing arts, such as tying the nets or preparing the bait, or even the instruments used to dry the fish. The beach goes along the main avenue, where a major part of the commerce is situated, inviting to pleasant walks or just contemplate the ocean in the sunset. Due to the good ocean conditions, the Nazaré waves are quite frequented by surfers and body boarders practitioners. The beach is usually crowded during summer months, as it is very central and endowed with perfect accesses. Among the many amenities available throughout the vast sandy area, the beach is also provided with the traditional Nazaré's sun shades with colourful stripes. Photos

Norte Beach - Nazaré
Here ends the extensive sandy area that starts a few kilometres north, in Vale Furado. The huge Leiria Pine Forest extends until here and the forest road that runs across it also ends in this area, in the Sitio da Nazaré promontory. On its extremity is the 17th century São Miguel Arcanjo Fort that houses the Nazaré Lighthouse and offers a wonderful panorama. To access this beach one can choose this area the forest road, finding in the descent to the sandy area, an aquatic park. The ocean is quite dangerous, with no lifeguard, usually frequented by surfers and fishermen. On the south side of the beach is located the Forno de Orca, an interesting calcareous Grotto that constitutes one of the geological highlights of the region. Photos 

Pedras Negras Beach: 31 km

Vieira Beach: 35 km
The Beach of Vieira is long and often decorated with boats of long oars and gauged prows that once witnessed the everyday life of a fishermen's beach. The fish shines on the beach and is sold in a public auction. Crafts and gastronomy are an important characteristic of Vieira Beach and they are the expression of a way of life that has depended on fishing. Taste the fish stews and the shellfish rice or experience the colours of the wood boat miniatures. Photos

Salgado Beach: 37 km
The Salgado Beach is situated between Nazaré and São Martinho do Porto. On the Famalicão locality, one turns to a secondary road that goes up to the Pescaria Mountain heading to Salgado. The nudist area is situated on the northern area of the Parking lot and starts next to a large dune. The ocean is usually wild and dangerous. Photos

Pedrógão Beach: 45 km
In Pedrógão the small streets lead into the Avenida Marginal and remind you of old fishermen's traditions. The beach, near the Avenida Marginal is coloured by beach sunshades, tanned bodies and also by typical boats waiting for the ritual of the Arte Xávega, which has been repeated for centuries in calm sea days. It still is an important event when, during the summer the boats arrive to the shore by the strenght of men rowing with long oars against the powerful waves. Once on the beach, everyone helps pulling the net. The fish is sold there, in a public auction, amongst happiness and curiosity. The sea taste continuous at table almost in its natural shape with the grilled sardines, grilled fish and shellfish or very well spiced in the fish stews. This immense shore continues to the north towards the Fausto Beach and to the south joins the Foz of the Rio Lis (Lis River). The dunes and the Pine Forest enhance its natural beauty and give you a perfect holiday.Photos

São Martinho do Porto Beach: 50 km
The São Martinho do Porto beach is extended throughout an astonishing bay, framed by the beautiful blue of the Atlantic Ocean. Because of its geographic features, this beach is ideal for children and also for nautical sports. The S. Martinho bay is the last vestige of an ancient gulf that until the 16th century would run until Alfeizerão, opened to the ocean through a stay-bar with about 250 meters width, between the hills of Santana (south) and Farol (north). On the Marginal Avenue, the cosmopolitan centre of the charming village, there are several esplanades, shops, bars and restaurants with the most regional dishes, offering the most diversified flavours of the ocean. Photos 

Osso da Baleia Beach: 50 km
The natural beauty of the portuguese coast is still almost intact at Osso da Baleia Beach, Pombal. This beach is classified as a Golden Beach because it preserves the ecological balance, making possible the touristic use while respecting the existing environmental order. This distinction has also the purpose of educating the population about the environment and the value and importance of caring and defending nature.
It also received the award of accessible beach for having facilities for disabled and handicapped people. It has wood accesses, organized car park, access to the bathing area, wood runners on sand, adapted toilets and access to a First Aid Room. Photos

Fotos: Eurico Bento | Rui Gouveia | Região de Turismo Leiria/Fátima

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