The hiking trail Buraco Roto strats at Largo Praça da Fonte and moves on to Largo da Praça da Fonte, in the centre of Reguengo do Fétal. It is recommended that you take the route from Rua dos Faias to Largo Professor Joaquim Luis Ribeiro. About 200 metres up, you turn to your right and walk down towards the river, following it upstream.

At this point, we come to the Buraco Roto, a cave that is stunning both for its beauty and the landscape that surrounds it. A pretty waterfall is created during the rainy season, as a result of the water which seeps through the upper regions of massive limestone. This is also a forested area covered with oak, laurel and cork trees.

You then get to a gravel path, used as a shortcut by pilgrims going towards Fatima, after which comes Vale do Malhadouro (Malhadouro Valley), a place where the limestone cliffs are good for rock climbing. This is one of the areas used in Portugal for this mountain sport, which is practiced here by the Escalada do Reguendo do Fétal (Reguendo do Fétal Rock Climbers).

To the left, between the wooden and stone stairs, you'll find the Chaminé (Chimney), a natural phenomenon that is the result of water and wind erosion. Once down the stone stairs, the Pia da Ovelha is on the left, a large natural cavern.

The valley is home to many species and wildlife is abundant. In terms of flora, the orchids stand out for their rarity and beauty.

Further south, we will pass through a small neck (a well-defined hollow in a mountainous area)where the ascent is by means of a winding trail taking you to the highest point of the trek, at an altitude of approximately 400 metres. From there, you can easily access the farmland where maize and potatoes, among other crops, are still cultivated.

After that, you go down to the Vale da Pena, where you'll once again reach the centre of town and initial point of departure.

Departure and Arrival:
Largo da Praça da Fonte, in the centre of Reguendo do Fétal

GPS: N 39º 38' 21,179''  |  W -08º 45' 49,687''

Type of Trail: Circular, short route, along rural roads, paths and sidewalks

Trail Length: 6 km

Approximate Duration: 2.5 hours

Elevation difference along the trail: 230 metres

Degree of Difficulty: Average

Recommended Season: All year round, preferably on non-rainy days, due to limestone soil found along the trail that becomes dangerous when wet.

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