From Batalha you can do a tour of the Region's Heritage History. After visiting the Monastery of Batalha, 5 more monuments are well worth visiting: they are the Pombal Castle, Leiria Castle, Ourém castle, Porto de Mós castle and the Monastery of Alcobaça.

Monastery of Alcobaça
To conclude, a visit to the Monastery of Alcobaça is a must. From Porto de Mós to Alcobaça the distance is 19kms. From Batalha to Alcobaça (N8 road), it's about 21 Kms.
The central nave of the monastery's church and the depth and height of the vaults of warheads impress all visitors. In the side chapels of the transept, lay the tombs of D. Pedro I and D. Inês de Castro.

Porto de Mós Castle
The last castle of this tour is the Porto de Mós Castle. This village is located 38 kms from Ourém and 8 kms from Batalha. There are traces of occupation from the Jurassic period, evidenced by the footprints of dinosaurs and petrified turtle, which can be seen today in the Municipal Museum. The castle is located on top of a hill and offers magnificent views over the valley of the Lena and Candeeiros Mountain. It is an unusual Castle, which can be seen from a distance due to their turrets painted in green.

Ourém Castle
Ourém is approximately 28 kms away from Leiria. This castle consists of 3 towers in a triangular perimeter that has a huge ogival tank in the center that is fed by a water fountain. The castle and part of the old town were partially destroyed during the earthquake of 1755.

Leiria Castle
Leiria City is only 25 Kms away from Pombal and 11 Kms from Batalha. Immediately as you enter Leiria you will see its towering castle, where major events in the history of Portugal took place. As well as being a tourist attraction, this castle also hosts several cultural events and has the Torre de Menagem Museum. When visiting this castle, take time to visit the Alcáçova room, which is one of the most beautiful rooms of the castle, where you will see the magnificent views over the city of Leiria.

Pombal Castle
Pombal castle is located 36 Kms north of Batalha (take the IC2 road).
Like all other castles, this one was also affected by the French invasion, suffering serious damage. This monument was restored years later and today is one of the best preserved castles. There, you can see, for example, a collection of Gothic stones from the Santa Maria do Castelo church.

Photos: Eurico Bento | Rui Gouveia | Região de Turismo Leiria/Fátima

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