Who we are

Casa do Outeiro is a unique and cosy family-run 4* boutique hotel located in Batalha, where several of the 24 rooms offer a beautiful view of the Monastery of Santa Maria da Vitória, recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and one of the 7 Wonders of Portugal.

About us - Casa do Outeiro
The central location of our hotel means that, as well as enjoying a magnificent view of the Monastery of Batalha, you can find all the surrounding squares, large leisure areas, the main church, restaurants, cafés, as well as various local stores and services within 300 m distance. You can reach all these places on foot from our hotel, which means you won’t have to rely on your car while you’re here.
To stay at our Casa is to live in an authentic environment, where the service is provided by us, the owners, or by our friendly staff. It’s about feeling a personal touch in every nook and cranny, thoughtfully designed for our visitors. It’s about sharing a passion for painting on every canvas and a love for art in every unique piece of craftsmanship. It’s about savoring homemade jams and cakes at breakfast, all prepared by us… and so much more.

With all this, why not pay us a visit? We’d be delighted to welcome you to this unique, familiar, special atmosphere, and of course… all in the true Portuguese way!!

Our history

Casa do Outeiro was built in 1980 and is located in one of Batalha’s most central and peaceful areas. The idea to rent two of the rooms to tourists emerged in 1984, as the hotel options in this 600-year-old historic town were virtually non-existent.

We, as owners, Odete Monteiro and Victor Madeira, at the time reconciled our professions (civil servant and pharmacy technician) with our role as hosts, including the actual tidying of the rooms.

Socialising with different people and mentalities was so rewarding that it led us to build four more rooms in 1992 and to expand to a total of eight rooms in 1996. By this time, we had the assistance of our daughters, Cristiana and Marta, aged 18 and 16 at the time, and an employee. Together we handled customer service, room maintenance and breakfast service.

The constant praise for the welcome, breakfast and quality of the facilities, both from customers and in foreign guidebooks, led us in 2003 to the transformation and extension that we thought would be the last and where we now have 15 rooms.

In 2015 we decided that we weren’t going to stop there and, in 2017, we completed the biggest project of our lives: our house became entirely our clients’ and was renamed Casa do Outeiro – Arts & Crafts Boutique Hotel. That year we remodelled all the existing rooms and now have a total of 24 rooms, as well as new common areas. We think this will be the last extension… Who knows?

Today we have a cosy hotel with 24 rooms and a unique family atmosphere. We are currently retired from our jobs, but we have managed to support the smooth running of the hotel.

I, Victor, help with the management and maintenance of the space and, whenever possible, accompany some clients on hikes in the region.

I, Odete, am responsible for the decoration and the author of the paintings that can be found throughout the rooms and spaces. I also make the Tia Odete brand jams, marmalades and homemade cakes served at breakfast.

As for our daughters, their love of working with tourists led them to pursue this career. Cristiana pursued her studies and professional life in the Algarve for many years, but returned “to her origins” and now works in the family hotel. Marta, after a few years working in other tourism-related companies, has also been working with us for over 10 years, in customer service and hotel management.

We have Sílvia, Maria and Ana to help us at reception, who will also welcome you as well as we do. We’ve also had Lurdes, Tatiana and Helena working with us for several years, who prepare your breakfast and keep all the common areas and rooms clean and well looked after.

This is the story that makes us proud and distinguishes us from so many other hotels!

Why Arts & Crafts Hotel?

It all started in 1999 when the owner, Odete, discovered her enjoyment for painting. During the 2003 extension works, she came up with the idea of ​​decorating the entire hotel with her colorful canvases. Her love of decorating has always been a constant, as has the art “of making” rather than buying. So, in this latest remodelling and extension in 2017, we wanted to make Casa do Outeiro even more unique and with a style all of its own.

“Recycling” and “Craft” were the key words: we transformed existing furniture and objects into unique pieces so that every room and corner of the hotel had a personal, handmade touch.

The combination of styles has pleased our guests, who consider us a craft gallery and an artsy hotel.
Today, through our “Arts & Crafts” shop, our customers can buy “Tia Odete&lt” jams, as well as various handmade products produced by the owner and others.

While keeping our customers in mind, we have developed a partnership with local associations to host workshops and exhibitions covering a variety of topics. These events are open to the general public and, naturally, available to our guests. These initiatives offer our guests the opportunity to participate, allowing them to take their own artwork with them in some cases!

Casa do Outeiro – Arts & Crafts Boutique Hotel, because we want to share our love of crafts with you.

Sustainable Hotel

We are a family hotel with a sustainable attitude and good environmental practices for more than 3 decades…

Throughout our existence as a hotel, we have always shown our concern for the environment. We gave new life to old materials, we cooked with organic products, we created synergies with local producers and artisans.

More than ever, we want to continue this environmental awareness. From 2020 – 2022 we were focused on obtaining a certification that helps us improve and expand our horizons in the field of sustainability.

Today, our House already has certification with the Biosphere stamp, Sustainable Tourism.